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Written by: admin on 25th May 2018

Finding good hotels for a short time can be complicated, especially for a place similar to Dublin. While visiting Dublin, you will notice the nice sightseeing places that people come for. Thus making it very hard to find the hotel that is best for you since there are so many hotels and people that need to book rooms. It has been said it is best to book ahead of time so you can avoid the whole situation of looking for hotels and may not finding any until last minute. But what if you just need a hotel room for a few hours not for the whole day. How difficult can that be to find? Here are a few hotels that accept short time visits.

⦁ Mount Juliet Estate Kilkenny
You can find this hotel in Dublin, and it will let you book for a few hours. It has free wifi as well as free parking. It is a 4 start hotel and it even has a pool! Thus people can just go for a few hours and swim within the pool. This would be used mostly for people who just want to have a relaxing day in the sun without any interruptions. This hotel is many known for its friendly staff and amazing buffet that is provided for its customers.

⦁ Hunters Hotel
It is located in Wicklow Ireland and it is considered one of the oldest inn’s in the area. The reason it is considered as the old inn, is because it was opened since 1825. However it has one of the most elegant gardens than most hotels. This is why it was voted as one of the top tend beautiful hotels in Dublin. You can get to it by driving 45 minutes away from Dublin. They care mostly about their outside looks since that is what attracts customers.

⦁ Cliff House Hotel
This hotel is considered one of the most elegant, therefore not much people actually book this hotel for a few hours. However they care a lot about their customer service and historic origin. The reason it is so elegant is because the ruins around the hotel are historic, while the hotel inside is very classy. They also provide a lot of activities for their customers which would be a day of packed fun and adventure.

⦁ Knockranny House Hotel
This hotel is run by a family busy which provides that they care about the customers having the most relaxing trip during their transition. It is a 4 star hotel, and considered luxurious to other hotels. They offer customers a spa area which is one of the best in Ireland. It has breathtaking sights since it is located on a hill side. They also have great restaurants and a bar inside the hotel, therefore there is no need to actually leave it. You can simple sit for a few hours and enjoy your time with all the services they provide.

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