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Privacy and Terms

General Terms and Conditions of VIP Escort (as of September 2017)

The following General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) are based on all contracts for the provision of escort agency services between the ads and Be closed to you.

1. General:

Unless otherwise stated, the actual escort agency service of VIP Escorts Singapore is free of charge for you. On the other hand, charges apply to the service of the respective companion / escort following the mediation that has taken place. This service of the companion is to keep you company. The payment is only for the time spent with the companion / companion; further obligations do not form part of the contract concluded between you and the companion / companion. All companions act independently in their own name and for their own account and are therefore solely responsible for their behavior.

This website is merely an intermediary platform for accompaniments. In this respect, VIP Escorts Singapore acts exclusively as an intermediary between you and the companion, but is not responsible for the further processing of the service. In particular, VIP Escorts Singapore is not liable for any disruptions or deadlines.

VIP Escorts Singapore does not provide any illegal, immoral or immoral service. The payment is made exclusively for the temporary companionship of the companion / companion. The design of the booked time is the joint decision of the companion / companion and you. The information on the different interests and preferences of the companion / companion please refer to the respective profile.

A use of the escort agency service and the service of the companion / companion is only possible for natural persons over 18 years of age, who have unlimited legal capacity.

2. Booking request and booking:

Submitting a booking request via our form or by e-mail is only a contact and serves as a request for the possibility of booking. This process is not a binding booking. VIP Escorts Singapore then informs you of the availability of the respective companion / escort and clarifies all necessary details in advance of the booking. Your wishes and ideas are passed on directly to the companion / companion. Further details are shown in the section “Procedure & Prices”.

3. Fee:

The listed fees of the companion / companion are not to be understood as remuneration for certain services, but only as compensation for the time spent together. These can be seen in detail under the heading “Procedure & Prices”. If the guide / escort has to travel from another city, additional travel expenses may apply. Basically, you can meet the guide / companion at any location of the world that can be reached by conventional means of transport. Costs for air ticket and train tickets are calculated individually according to destination, booking duration and booking deadlines. We will gladly inform you about prices on request. If the cost of the flight or train ticket increases after the booking has been made, these must be borne by you.

4. Payment Methods:

As a rule, the payment in cash is made by handing over an unsealed envelope at the beginning of the appointment by you to the companion / escort. Please understand that for security reasons € 500 bills can not be accepted.

A down payment will be charged if the guide / escort has a longer journey to your preferred destination or the booking time exceeds 12 hours. In this case, a down payment to be agreed plus travel costs to the announced account by bank transfer or PayPal required. The agency has a money-receiving power of attorney for the companions.

5. Cancellations of the booking:

You can cancel the booking free of charge up to 24 hours before the beginning of the meeting without stating reasons; please let us know by phone or e-mail. If the time falls below the 24-hour deadline, 20% of the agreed fee will be charged.

If you have already made a down payment, we will bill you with your next date. The deposit will be forfeited if you have no opportunity to make the meeting within 6 months. Already incurred costs such. Flight and rail charges, or any reservation fees, are to be borne by you.

If it does not work between you and your chosen escort, please let me know directly at the meeting. just contact us over this form. : Contact US