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27 August 2022
( 158 days ago )
What Service are provide
Massage, Escort Service

Hello my name is King, I’m 36 years of age and it’s a pleasure to meet you. Let me just start off by first saying that I am in no way shape or form an escort or a prostitute. I am a sexual motivational therapist A.K.A sex guru. My purpose is to help women relieve sexual frustration and to train them so that they can in turn teach their partners how to sexually satisfy them correctly. Using my services doesn’t necessarily mean that you are cheating on your partner or spouse as not all my techniques involve sexual penetration. I’ve often been hired specifically by women who have felt their sexual relationships decline due to a lack of interest from their spouses/partners, which ultimately leads to a lack of or decline in their own personal confidence and mental health, which is quite unfair as women have needs too. Denying a woman the ability to fulfil sexual ecstasy is like denying a beautiful flower sunlight. It is possible to still grow and live, but you would never truly be happy at your roots and you will become a distant reflection of what your true personality and happiness should be. Feeling unwanted, undervalued or underappreciated would leave anybody grumpy, irritated, angry and depressed. Women are desirable creatures by nature, it is a part of their being, whether they like to openly admit it or not. Therefore it is absolutely crucial to a woman’s existence that she remains free of sexual frustration so that she can remain full of confidence, ultimately leading to a better state of mind for her improved mental health.

I am 6’4″, I’m a real man with more of a dad’s bod, I have thick muscular legs/thighs, a beard and dark skin. I’m down to earth, easy going, completely non judgemental, hygienically clean, very friendly and open minded. I respect and understand that your privacy and discretion is absolute key and I will never violate that. Please see the list of packages I provide, along with their corresponding time durations
If there is something that you’re looking for that’s not there, then simply ask me and I may be able to tailor an exclusive package, specific to your desires and needs.