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Written by: admin on 25th March 2018

Dublin, Ireland is an amazing location for a vacation or even for a residency. It is very sophisticated and has a lot of activities that can be done. The women are also so beautiful and very friendly. However, a lot of people can get confused on where to go and take a girl once they are in Dublin. This is because there are a variety of nice places to pick and choose from. But restaurants always seem to be a safer choice to choose since everyone loves food! Here are many great restaurants to take a girl in Dublin!

⦁ La Cave
La cave has two main essentials in it, as it is part classy French bistro and part wine bar. The seating is down in a classy basement with great lighting. It is one of many romantic places to have dinner and concentrate on one another. All the tables are next to each other which indicate that you will be closer to your date. This place gives an illusion that you are dining in another place that is not Dublin.

⦁ L Mulligan Grocer
This restaurant is considered one of the astonishing places in Dublin. It is a pub, which may be not a typical date night, but it is something different. When you think about it, most girls want something different; they have been to their fair share of places with different men. A pub with amazing food can be the best decision ever made. Plus there is so much fun entertainment that happens in this place!

⦁ Jamie’s Dundrum
This restaurant is the type of restaurant that people go to when they have another activity planned out. Since there are a lot of large poritions, a lot of sharing can happen. This would symbolize the oneness you want to have later on with the girl. As well as fast service if anything tends to go wrong!

⦁ MulBerry Garden
The atmosphere is amazing for a date night. They have a garden which would be romantic for you and your date to go to. While on the date you can either sit in the garden area or walk around, both ways it would definitely be remarkable. They also have great drinks which they serve all night along, as well as very tasty food for people who love to order exotic choices.

⦁ Rosa Madre
This is an Italian restaurant and nothing seems more romantic than Italian food! They serve a great variety of Italian foods and there service is great! They also have steaks and seafood options for people who want to enjoy an elegant dinner with the romantic atmosphere.

⦁ CrackBird
This restaurant is one of a kind; it is located on Dame Street. When inside the place, you will tend to feel cozy since it is a place for a lot of young adults. The food service is great and they offer a variety of foods off the menu. Since there are a lot of bars nearby, you and your date can always go there after diner for a little fun!

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